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CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – Lyndsey Fry, a United States Women’s Ice Hockey Olympian during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi paid a visit to Calallen High School to deliver a message to student-athletes before they head off to college.

“I spoke about how success is in the journey, not the final product” said Fry.  “I wanted the athletes to understand that it's what they learn along the way while working toward an ultimate goal that is truly important.”  In the speech to students in the auditorium, Fry spoke about her struggles along the way, especially during her first two years of college at Harvard University, where she is heading back in the fall to begin her senior year.

The Arizona native grew up traveling every weekend just to play for the nearest all-girls squad.  “When I look back at it now, I can't believe how much I travelled as a high school student just to go to practice up in Colorado. However, at the time I didn't think anything of it because I was having a blast and there simply was no other option. The travel became a part of everyday life.”

“What a great story of perseverance, I wish all our players would have had the chance to attend the event” said IceRays general manager Pat Dunn.  “Lindsey's story is one you want to hear, I also like the good ending.  She should be proud of what she has accomplished in being one of the few people on this planet to say that they won a silver medal in the Olympics.  We hope to see her back in the Coastal Bend very soon and on behalf of the IceRays organization we wish her all the best in her attempt to represent USA in the next Winter Games.  I also wanted to personally thank Mr. Bill Killian of CC Disposal for inviting our staff to this event. Bill was responsible for getting Lindsey here, as they are close friends.”

Hockey in the state of Arizona is catching on and starting to produce more college hockey and professional players each year.  “There were definitely a few girls before me that played D1, but the number is still relatively small compared to states like Minnesota and Massachusetts” Fry added.  “I think that number is going to eventually grow though and I certainly hope that players like myself and others can continue to prove to younger girls that playing D1 hockey is a possibility.”

That move to D1 ice hockey paved the way for the run to the Olympics.  During the Sochi games, Fry helped Team USA to a silver medal, falling just short in the gold medal game against Canada.  However it still hasn’t sunk in for her that she is an Olympian.  “I'm still not sure it has. Don't get me wrong, I am so incredibly proud to say that I'm not only an Olympian but also an Olympic medalist, but as I said in my speech, I define myself by what I learned on my Olympic journey. I don't feel like I woke up as a different person that first day in Sochi because I had officially become an Olympian. I was still the same hard working kid as I had been in the months leading up to the Games, I could just call myself something different.”

Making the Olympic roster was just the beginning for Fry.  She has lots of goals in the future! “I have many! I would love to continue with a speaking career. I think it's important to share the message of the journey.  I'd also love to go back to school to get certified as a nutritionist/strength coach just because it's become such a passion of mine in the past few years.  Other than that, I want to make sure that no matter what I end up doing, I'm passionate about my work and am able to have time for my friends and family.  Happiness is the ultimate goal.”

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