Radio Advertising

The IceRays Broadcast Network covers all 60 IceRays hockey games plus playoffs while at home and on the road. All games are broadcast on Brewster Street Radio and the pay-per-view streaming website Hear your company broadcast to both a local and national audience while expanding your potential reach beyond the Corpus Christi area! Below are all the possibilities the IceRays Broadcast Network has to offer!

Countdown To Faceoff
The IceRays begin every broadcast with IceRays Pregame, which sets the stage for the entire broadcast. The section includes four segments including a general overview, a coach's interview, a preview of the opponent, and a preview of the matchup. Your company is one of the first phrases heard for all 60+ IceRays hockey games during the 2021-22 season. In addition to name recognition, your business also receives a spoken advertisement at the conclusion of each edition!

Coach's Corner
Within each edition of IceRays Pregame, fans hear from IceRays head coach Ryan Cruthers or assistant coach Ryan Anderson to discuss the events of the previous game, the time in between games, and a discussion of the evening's matchup.

Injury Report & Starting Lineups
Just before the opening faceoff, IceRays Pregame wraps up with a look at the players starting the contest as well as those who won't be appearing to be part of the final elements of the game preparation. Enjoy exposure with name recognition as well as a quick live-read of your company's mission and/or slogan!

Period Sponsors
All of the action of an IceRays hockey game takes place within three 20-minute periods of regulation time. Choose between one of three options and support the IceRays during that specific period. Your company will receive multiple recognitions during your selected period and provide a unique marketing opportunity!

Keys To The Game
Show the importance of your company by aligning with the game's most important focus for each team. Each set of Keys To The Game will be stated at the first stoppage of each game both at home and on the road.

Power Play/Penalty Kill
One of the most prominent selections for business partnerships is sponsoring either the IceRays power play or penalty kill. Each game averages about three instances of each and are some of the most exciting moments in all of hockey!

Every IceRays goal is the highlight of a game night! Tailor your company's marketing with the pinnacle of sponsor recognition stated upwards of 200 times per season. Have a special cause you'd like to donate to? Associate that with each goal, and the IceRays will help you work toward your goal!

Intermission Report
In between each period, help fans catch up with previous in-game action, learn more in-depth information about their IceRays, and take a scope around the NAHL with a partnership for our intermission reports! Each instance lasts 18 minutes twice a game during the regular season and in-between each overtime period in the playoffs.

IceRays Rewind
Help fans catch up with in-game action from the evening's game by associating your company with IceRays Rewind. This segment of the Intermission Report and Post-Game Show occurs three times per game (and more if playoff games go into overtime). We'll also feature your company name and logo on the IceRays Official YouTube Channel for all game highlights!

NAHL Out-Of-Town Scoreboard
With 29 teams in the NAHL, there's always bound to be action around the league on game night, so associate your business with the education of the entire league with the NAHL Out-Of-Town Scoreboard! This segment of the Intermission Report and Post-Game Show occurs three times per game (and more if playoff games go into overtime) while thicking the implications of each IceRays game.

Offside & Icing
With a limitless amount of each instance during games, take advantage of a large stream of air time by sponsoring either each offside or icing call. The propensity for each to be called at this level of the sport is high, so your company can reap the benefits with a lot more air time than expected.

Post-Game Show
Wrap up the night and recap all the action from the evening's game by sponsoring the IceRays Post-Game Show. Consisting of IceRays Rewind, Three Stars of the Game, NAHL Out-Of-Town Scoreboard, and a final wrap-up, it's the perfect association if you're looking to drive traffic and advertising right after each IceRays home game. And hey, they may stop by while listening on their way home from the game!

Three Stars of the Game
Even though the IceRays promote each individual player equally, there are some that stand out during the course of the game. Help honor them with the Three Stars of the Game, selected during the IceRays Post-Game Show for every game!

Radio Commercials
Looking for that extra bit of air time exclusive for your business? An in-game commercial may be the option for you! Choose from a 30-second or 60-second advertisement to be pre-produced and played during each IceRays game. You can have it self-produced or have the IceRays and our broadcast partners produce one for you. The time is yours to get your message out and strengthen your business awareness!

Live In-Game Reads
Though the action never stops, the pace does slow down in-between whistles. Keep up the pace and advertise at the same time! Each small advertisement is read live by IceRays broadcaster Collin Schuck during the middle of the action on the IceRays Broadcast Network, the perfect time to get your message out.

Press Box Sponsor
The IceRays are introducing a press box sponsor for the first time! Your business will hold naming rights to the IceRays' broadcast area at the top of section 103 in the American Bank Center with a 3' x 16' banner hanging in front of the area for all fans to see during each home game. In addition, your company will gain more name recognition by being featured as the press box sponsor every time the American Bank Center is mentioned during home broadcasts on the IceRays Broadcast Network!